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100 धन्यवाद (Thank You’s)

Three groups of young people from Cove School, The Wavell School and The Sixth Form College Farnborough are working on the 100 Thank You's project. The project will commemorate the centenary of the end of World War One, especially the role that the Gurkhas played. The young people will work with the local Nepalese community and serving Gurkhas from 10 The Queen's Own Gurkha Logistic Regiment (10 QOGLR) to help recognise the Gurkhas' active role in the war.

The project will help to recognise and publicise, particularly throughout Hart & Rushmoor, the Gurkhas' active role in the war through a series of creative responses in the school terms: Autumn 2017, Spring 2018 and Summer 2018. These creative responses will be presented and shown locally, and further afield. The young people will benefit from developing community integration and cultural understanding, and a greater understanding of the role of the Gurkhas in World War One.

The project is funded through the Covenant Fund and run with support from Rushmoor Borough Council.

September/October 2017: Interviews & Cultural Trips

The young people were lucky enough to meet officers from 10 QOGLR. The officers gave the groups a cultural briefing, giving them an insight into the Gurkhas and the role they played in World War One.

100 Thank You's

Each group also welcomed and interviewed Gurkhas from 10 QOGLR to their project sessions. Asking prepared questions, the young people were able to find out from the Gurkhas more about who they are and what they know about the role of their predecessors in World War One. When asked about how they felt about the part that the Gurkhas played in World War One one soldier remarked "The legacy...we are trying our best to carry out that legacy that they left."

In October half-term, many of the young people visited The Gurkha Museum in Winchester. The cultural visit allowed the young people to find out more information about who the Gurkhas are, and most importantly for the project, the role of the Gurkhas in World War One.


November/December 2017: Getting Creative

The months of November and December saw the young people taking part in a series of creative sessions. Each group would use all of the information they had gathered about the Gurkhas in World War One to work towards a creative output which would commemorate their role and the centenary of the end of the war.

Cove School - Photography

Faye, an artist educator from In Focus Training LTD, ran a series of fantastically engaging photography workshops for the group at Cove School. The young people learnt basic camera skills, how to operate Digital SLR Cameras and how to compose photographs. This was all in preparation for the group photographing Gurkhas from 10 QOGLR and objects which represent the Gurkhas, the Nepalese community and World War One. The young people then edited the images and chose the final photographs to be used in a photographic mural.

R. Sherwood, Pupil Premium Learning Mentor at Cove School, commented "The students have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt so much! They have touched upon some aspects of the Project during their History lessons but nowhere near the level of detail that is covered in this Project. The students have such a positive work dynamic in how they are supportive & encouraging everyone to participate - it has been a joy to observe!"


Some of the photographs taken by the young people:

The Sixth Form College Farnborough - Music

The young people were inspired to create a series of fantastic songs through their work with Olly from SoCo Music Project. During the workshops with Olly they were introduced to songwriting, explored Western and Nepalese approaches to composition and looked at rhythm and melody. This prepared the group to write and produce their own songs. The young people took inspiration from the research they had gathered and through meeting serving Gurkhas.

Through his inspiring workshops Olly was able to help the group work towards performing their songs so that they could be recorded and kept as a commemoration to the Gurkhas who served in World War One.

The Wavell School - Poetry

The young people took part in a series of inspiring workshops with Matt West, a poet, writer and educator. Amongst other things the group looked at examples of poetry and how they could be performed, approaches for generating text by experimenting with voice and context, editing techniques for cutting and expanding material and looking at how to stage their poetry.

Through the workshops the young people were able to create a group poem to commemorate Gurkhas in World War One: